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Minty Mornings: Day Two

I think what’s important is having a consistent routine in the morning. It doesn’t have to be long, for me, it’s having a cup of lemon water and a good 15 to 20 minute stretch. Why is this so important? Often throughout the day, it’s really easy to lose control of what goes on in your surroundings. There are days that move too fast where you don’t have time to be attuned to your body. And what happens at the end of the day? You’re too tired. This is how build-up of tension happens, in your body and mind.

Time for the check-list!

Daily exercise of the day? Woke up and had to head downtown for dance practice, my energy levels were at an all-time low post-workout.

NTS: Pack a snack. Ideas for next time: bring a small lunch bag with a cooler to widen choices – wraps, sandwiches, fruits etc.

After dance, I kept my productivity momentum going and headed to the coffee shop to brainstorm for an essay. I was pretty proud of myself in bringing red pepper slices and choosing a chamomile tea instead of my usualย sugary options. It’s a struggle when you’re working so hard and all you want is a treat. The real treat would be the satisfaction I got after typing up a 1k draft… 1.5k more to go.

Sadly, no images today because my phone is extremely wonky. Not what I envisioned for these daily posts but I hope to get some images up soon!

Love + Sincerity,



Morning Routines

I am kickstarting a new habit and will keep track of my progress on here. I was inspired by this article that highlights five ways to maximize morning productivity. The idea is what you do the first two hours of your day will set the course for the rest of the day, and eventually the tone on your entire life. So, here I am. I will be trying to modify the five tips to create aย tailored morning routine for me! I want you toย join me! (:

First,ย read the article.

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