Good day

As I watch all the playful pups fully absorb in play fights, I feel a sense of bliss. Real, pure joy. It’s true that watching babies and pets play is therapeutic. We meet a new friend by the beach, Michael, who is skipping stones. We made several metaphors relating life to skipping stones without really meaning to. He shares his know-hows with us from flat stones, wrist flicks, and the proper stance. I watch him throw. Plop. Jump, leap and plunk. His go three steps forward. Mine plops near the shore.edit “It’s therapeutic.” He sighs into the clouded peek of sunlight.

And I think he’s right. You search for the right rocks, the tool for the task, with patience. The motion of the flick is harsh enough to help release tension. Then, you have the view or the grand picture, to remind you to be present. Keep on skipping through life, Michael.