Spice up your life! …with rabboki

I always enjoy flying with Japan Airlines as they tend to overfeed me. I am never ever hungry! Although my mom did buy me maltesers and chips for the flight. One thing I learned is if your butt hurts, please feel free to shamelessly block the aisle and stretch! At first, I got a few looks, but shortly after… everyone near my seat started doing the same. I like to think that I inspired those folks or maybe their bums were too sore…

my personal favourite
(cr: http://www.teachpe.com/images/jenny/hip_flexor_stretch.jpg)

Narita Airport
Narita Airport

I had a layover at Narita airport for three hours. The variety of snacks were tempting but I will be in Narita airport two more times during this trip, so the mochi and matcha kitkats will have to wait. ; _;

Not dried squid but fresh squid?!
I gave in to the smell of ramen

Shortly arriving at Sinchon station, Alice and Corrine came to help me with my luggage to the hostel (super sweet, thank you!). I need to show you guys the steep slope leading up to the place! Quite a nice daily workout. We were intending to head to Hongdae but everyone was pretty low on energy so we wandered around SinChon and went to this place that served oden and snacks! It was similar to a hot pot where they gave you the portable gas stove. This would have been perfect with beer because we could not stop drinking water. Our mouths were on fire. The soup slowly became SYRUP OF DEATH.

Great first evening! It’s Easter weekend… so I’m not sure what to expect from the people traffic! Time to head out to Myeongdong! 🙂


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