The Reunion


Almost missed my flight but had the most delicious tacos! That’s a win-win situation… right?Read More »


Feed me greens, Seoul

If you need time away from the hustle and bustle, Mother Nature is reclaiming her throne in Seoul. The Seoul officials are putting her as a top priority and have been extremely efficient in bringing life into the city. The government is trying to improve the quality of life and encourages citizens to take on active lifestyles by providing bike lanes, walking paths, basketball courts, and even scooters for children. What is special is how they reused a sewage treatment plant and transformed it into one of the most beautiful green spaces I have ever walked through.Read More »

Eat, eat, eat, and repeat

After a long night, we weren’t able to wake up until noon.This set the tone for the rest of the day as we leisurely walked around the skincare, shopping and coffee shop filled Myeong-dong.

Our first stop was lunch at a Western Korean restaurant. There was miscommunication with the waitress as she kept trying to give me a burger when I ordered spaghetti… I always feel terrible for wasting food so I hope they didn’t throw that burger away T_T

Please enjoy the au naturelle unedited photos.Read More »

Spice up your life! …with rabboki

I always enjoy flying with Japan Airlines as they tend to overfeed me. I am never ever hungry! Although my mom did buy me maltesers and chips for the flight. One thing I learned is if your butt hurts, please feel free to shamelessly block the aisle and stretch! At first, I got a few looks, but shortly after… Read More »